• What will HealthStaff Recruitment’s services cost me?

    HealthStaff Recruitment’s service to it’s candidates is absolutely free.

  • How will my personal details be used and protected?

    HealthStaff Recruitment prides itself on the high standards of privacy and data protection we achieve. Any information given to your specialist consultant will remain highly confidential and will only be shared with potential employers and relevant authorities.

  • Who decides which post I am put forward for?

    You do. HealthStaff Recruitment will ask for detailed information from you that allows us to find a job that we think will suit all your requirements. If that post is not what you are looking for then we will be happy to repeat our search until we successfully find a post that suits you.

  • How will you contact me and keep me updated on my job options?

    One of our specialist consultants will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application. You will be updated regularly about the progress of your application via phone or email.

  • How long can I work in Australia?

    Medical Practitioners wanting to work in Australia arrive on a temporary 457 Working Visa. This specific visa entitles you to live and work in Australia for a maximum of four (4) years with continued sponsorship.

  • How long is a typical contract in Australia?

    Most positions offered to Medical Practitioners are for a duration of 6- 12 months however, most candidates extend their contracts as they are legally allowed to remain in Australia for a maximum of four (4) years with continued sponsorship.

  • I heard about Area of Need posts in Australia and was wondering if I would only be allowed to work in rural hospitals in the outback?

    The majority of Area of Need positions are in large teaching hospitals within urban settings. There are also many posts available in rural and outback hospitals. Feel free to discuss your preferences with your HealthStaff Recruitment specialist.

  • What are the salaries like in Australia?

    Medical Practitioner salaries in Australia differ from state to state in the public sector. Your salary would also depend on your grade and level of experience.

    Here is an approximate salary guide as of 2008:

    • Senior House Officer: $60,000- $80,000 per annum
    • Registrar: $80,000- $110,000 per annum
    • Specialist: $150,000- $ $280,000 per annum

    The annual salary is not negotiable and is determined by your employer. General Practitioner salaries are negotiable.

  • How long is the whole process from offer letter to start of assignment?

    The registration and immigration process takes approximately 3- 6 months. This is depends heavily on how accurate and efficient you are in submitting all information required to complete your registration and immigration paperwork.

  • Will I be eligible for professional registration with my current qualifications and experience?

    All applications for professional registration will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the relevant Medical Board in your preferred state or territory. Non- specialist doctors in Australia may be eligible for some form of registration provided they meet the following criteria

    • Training and experience in a first world country
    • Are of good standing
    • Are proficient in English